In a previous blog post, you learned all about the innovative weight loss method UltraShape®. It’s quick and painless, using ultrasound to target fat cells in your body. With three treatments within two weeks, you can finally get the body you’ve been working so hard for. Removing body fat with dieting and exercising alone can be a challenge for some, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option. At Advanced Dermatology, we want to give you something to look forward to! The weather outside might be colder right now, but soon enough it will be beach season and you’ll be itching to get outside.

After your two UltraShape® sessions are complete and you’re ready to take on the world, it’s still important to maintain the results you achieved. Losing weight, however you want to achieve that, still takes the right diet and an active lifestyle to maintain the weight loss. So how can you get the most out of your UltraShape® treatments? Here are some tips from the experts at Advanced Dermatology.

UltraShape® MonroeStay Hydrated

If you get through the morning and you still haven’t had to take a bathroom break, you’re definitely not drinking enough water. Staying hydrated is an important part of keeping a healthy body no matter what, but it’s especially important before and after your UltraShape® treatments. After each session, you’ll want to help your body metabolize and flush out the free fat cells from your body. Drinking eight to 10 glasses of water each day will ensure that this happens. But don’t drink a lot of water for a few days and then forget about it. It’s also important to be hydrated before each session as well.

Avoid High Fat Foods

After your treatments have been completed, your liver will need to metabolize the extra fat in your body that was liberated by the ultrasound. Your liver will need a few days to process the extra fat, so while that is happening, your body is still working out what to do with the extra energy. Depending on your activity levels, other fat cells in your body could be made larger. During the time when the three treatments are taking place, keep an eye on what foods you are consuming. Try to avoid foods that are high in fat and/or sugar. Stick with naturally healthy foods, like avocados, fish, nuts, and whole grains. Also, pay attention to whether or not you are hungry. If you don’t feel as hungry as you normally do, be sure to not just eat out of habit.

UltraShape® Monroe

Reduce Alcohol, Sugar, and Caffeine

Just like watching out for the foods you’re consuming after your treatments, watch out for the amount of alcohol and sugar you’re consuming. Both alcohol and sugar are among the things that our bodies like the least, especially when it’s trying to repair itself after losing weight. There can be a withdrawal phase, especially from sugar caffeine, but when you do get through it, you’ll find that you have additional energy and you’ll feel great. By limiting your intake of these things, you can avoid gaining weight in the area that you just lost it from — your stomach.


This shouldn’t be a surprise, there probably aren’t many weight loss programs or treatment plans that don’t include exercise. UltraShape® treatments aren’t a workaround for not exercising. Even simple activities like walking around the block after work, going on a bike ride, or playing a game of tennis will be enough to keep the fat from accumulating in your body.

UltraShape® Monroe

Give Your Lymphatic System a Boost

During the two weeks and a couple of weeks after your treatments, it’s important to help your body flush out the fat, and your lymph nodes are a part of that. Drinking water and exercising can help, as well as stretching regularly, getting a massage, dry brushing, or increasing your intake of essential oils.

Losing weight will always come with its own challenges, but with UltraShape®, you can finally see real results when you’ve been working so long and hard for them. With continued effort regarding exercise and diet, you can maintain those results! Learn more about UltraShape® treatments and give our dermatologist, Dr. Gremillion a call today.